Why Banknotes?

A simple solution.
The novelty of ValidateMyTag comes from the utilization of banknotes to serve as the "Certificate of Authenticity" for luxury goods. After investigating other brand protection solutions, we concluded that there was little need to print special tags containing overt and covert security features when the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has already achieved this with low denomination bills. In addition, each banknote has a unique serial number which makes it ideal for authentication and track-and-trace purposes.
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Tough on criminals.
The criminal penalties for counterfeiting currency goes far beyond the penalties that are enforced for counterfeiting special tags or trademarked goods. ValidateMyTag is positioned to become the de-facto standard for validating the authenticity of merchandise in the retail space.

Competitive Advantages:

1Embedded High-Tech Security Features: ValidateMyTag leverages the high-tech security features that are found within banknotes. Some of these features include: portrait watermark, color-shifting ink, security thread, microprinting, and 3-D security ribbon (found within the new $100 banknote).

2Engages Federal Law Enforcement: Companies fight to protect themselves from counterfeiters, but it’s a very long and arduous process. Often times they take matters into their own hands by hiring private investigators to find where knock-offs are being manufactured. Once they have enough evidence, they try to convince authorities to step-in, but many times are unsuccessful. By employing U.S. banknotes, brand owners automatically receive assistance from law enforcement if counterfeiting is suspected. Banknotes are protected by the toughest Federal counterfeiting statutes for any commodity and are monitored by the Secret Service.

3Trusted Worldwide: Banknotes are used by millions of people worldwide everyday. It's a trusted and secure instrument that is familiar to all consumers. ValidateMyTag capitalizes on the popularity of banknotes thereby increasing consumer acceptance.

4Communicates Value: Brands strive to create and communicate value to both consumers and shareholders. The intrinsic value of banknotes enhances the message of value communicated by brand owners.