3-Step Validation Process

As easy as 1-2-3.
ValidateMyTag combines two widely used technologies: SMS (Short Message Service) and the anti-counterfeiting technologies within banknotes that is known and trusted by millions of people worldwide.

The system works by attaching REAL US dollar bills, obtained from a bank, to luxury products before they are shipped to retail stores.  The unique serial number of each bill is linked to key attributes of the attached luxury product that can be used to identify the product.  This can range for the product's unique Universal Product Code (UPC) and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to panoramic images of the product.

At the point of sale, consumers can validate their luxury purchase in a 3-Step Validation Process:

1Connect to the ValidateMyTag webapp by visiting Enter the serial number of the attached bill and click Submit. A validation message will be systematically delivered to your mobile device.

2Review the validation message to determine if the product is authentic. If validation attempt failed, please contact the number provided within the message.

3Finally, verify that the attached bill is authentic by checking the bill's security features.  The bill will serve as the Certificate of Authenticity for your new luxury purchase.
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