No Smiles for Alibaba: #Counterfeits-Suck

We're all aware of the counterfeiting problems that plagued Alibaba's online shopping sites pre-IPO, however the e-commerce giant is still in hot waters.

A recent report by China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) accused Alibaba of allowing merchants to operate without required business licenses, to run unauthorized stores that co-op famous brands and to sell fake wine and handbags.

Alibaba has worked to get rid of counterfeits as it expands internationally, saying it removed 90 million listings for products that breached intellectual-property rights before its IPO. The crackdown is part of Alibaba's effort to build its reputation after becoming Asia's largest technology company.


Costco Now Selling Luxury Swiss Watches?

Whoever said that authentic luxury products are only found in the showcases of authorized distributors have now been proven wrong!

A three-judge panel declared that retail chain Costco can legally sell Swiss watches at a heavily discounted price, despite not being an authorized distributor.

Costco and Omega's legal battle dates back to 2004 when Costco purchased 117 Omega Seamaster watches from a non-US, authorized distributor and began selling them for $600 less than the Swiss watchmaker's recommended retail price.


25% of Facebook Ads Promote Counterfeit Products

New research completed by two cyber-security experts found that about a quarter of the fashion and luxury ads examined on Facebook are for counterfeit items such as Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

At first glance, the ads look legitimate and lead to websites that have an identical look and feel as the real ones, potentially tricking Facebook users into believing they're buying real luxury products. There's no expense spared in duping consumers- these bogus sites even include fake security seals, typically issued by Norton or McAfee, to sway consumers into believing that the check-out process is secure and safe.

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