About Us

The birth of a novel idea.
ValidateMyTag is a patented brand protection system that was developed by Ed Fowler. The system grew out of the idea to strategically stitch real US dollar bills into graphic t-shirts to help an emerging fashion brand “get noticed” in NYC. The bills were intended to give the brand an edge and attract customers at the same time. However, it was further realized that the bills could also be used to protect the brand from potential counterfeiters by leveraging the unique serial number of each bill along with the anti-counterfeiting technologies found within the bills. Click here to read how it works.

More than just currency.
US dollar bills (also known as banknotes) provide the ultimate protection for brand owners. It is the only commodity that is actively protected by the federal government while providing all the necessary ingredients for a robust track-and-trace system. ValidateMyTag extends this protection to brand owners and is positioned to become the de-facto standard for validating the authenticity of luxury products in the retail space.



Ed Fowler is the President of FBrothers & Company, Inc.- a solutions based company dedicated to value innovation and developers of ValidateMyTag. The company was established in February 2008. Ed has a B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering from the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.